• My art is rooted in the concept of unexplored terrains and new worlds. They can be symbols of the unknown but also of hope, possibility and new beginnings. I see these symbols in the night sky at the desert, in the horizon line at the ocean, and in the vastness of the mountains. I see these signs in my family history, as my parents crossed oceans of un-certainty to be where they are today, and also in my own personal narrative.

    As for my process, I am drawn to paper as it is a common material that is also versatile and moldable. It can be fragile and delicate but also strong and resilient, unending expectations. I work with hand-cut paper to create dimensional collages that explore the threshold between painting and sculpture. I paint, cut, and arrange various shapes and colors as if I am piecing together a puzzle; each shape, line, and color is a hint, trace, and impression of nature and memory.